remixing ads and gender roles: Reel Grrls’ latest workshop

Back in December I wrote about Reel Grrls, a non-profit organization based in Seattle that offers girls media literacy tools and video production skills. Reel Grrls paired with Jonathan McIntosh – a video remixer, new media teacher, and activist who blogs at Rebellious Pixels – to facilitate a workshop titled “Gendered Ads Remixed.”

The concept is deceptively simple: Reel Grrls participants were asked to remix – or switch up – the video and audio from Saturday morning cartoon commercials so that audio for commercials aimed at boys would be paired with video from commercials aimed at girls, and vice versa. The end result – the remixed ads – are as insightful as they are jarring, illustrating the ways in which marketing aimed at children reinforces traditional gender roles down to the look of the product, the children shown using the product, and voice pitching the product.

Here are some of the videos from the Gendered Ads Remixed Workshop. Enjoy!

Note: I should mention that McIntosh is the mastermind behind the Buffy vs. Edward remix that everyone from Slate to Perez Hilton linked to and discussed (see it here).

~ by actyourage09 on March 24, 2010.

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