Temporary Hiatus

Hello All.

Lately I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere – in part to due to constructing a guest lecture on problematic representations of white hipster girlhood (think Juno in Juno), a lecture which finished up on Friday. Though this task is over and done with my schedule is still rather hectic. I’m preparing to take a road trip as part of my 2 week vacation back home to see family and friends and I have no intention of blogging during my vacation (I hope to be too busy visiting farmer’s markets, hanging out in Portland, and dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean). My schedule doesn’t let up when I get back either since then I’ll be moving. So basically count me out for almost all of July and maybe half of August. Of course if everything runs like a fairytale, and I have this miraculous amount of time in between all these things, I’ll be sure to post an entry or two. But otherwise see you towards the end of summer!

In the meantime consider doing one or both of these things:

A.) Go and see Winter’s Bone. Every year I have one movie that I anticipate and champion above the rest. This year that film is Winter’s Bone, which I saw yesterday and I’m happy to say it exceeded my expectations. Jennifer Lawrence gives an amazing performance and it was a nice surprise to see John Hawkes take on a darker role. Plus after doing that guest lecture and talking about all white girls with privilege it was refreshing to see a film in which a white working-class girl is the protagonist and there isn’t a “happily ever after” ending in site.  Hopefully Winter’s Bone is playing at a theater in your town or city and if so – I recommend not missing this one. Below is the trailer for the film:

B.) If you have a little money left over between now and the end of July please consider helping Emily Hagins raise money to finish her latest film, My Sucky Teen Romance. As you know I’m all about supporting girl made media and here’s one way you can help Emily realize her dream of completing her third (3rd!!!) feature length film. If you can’t help out financially, please re-post or tweet Emily’s IndieGoGo page and get the word out so that she can reach her goal of $8,000. Below is Emily’s own personal pitch for help:

Thanks everyone – see you soon!

~ by actyourage09 on July 6, 2010.

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