taking time to rock & support girls who rock!

White Mystery was one of my personal favorites from the SXSW GRCA day party! (image courtesy of whitemysteryband.com)

The SXSW GRCA day party was a success! Last I heard we raised over $1,000 dollars for Girls Rock Camp! Plus the line up was incredible. Prior to Friday I hadn’t heard any of the bands perform live, but was eager to see everyone on the list. There were certain acts that I knew (by word of mouth) could put on a show – like Girl in a Coma and Rosie Flores. Other acts included such legendary ladies that I knew they would be great (I’m looking at you Exene and Viv).

For me the best moments from the day party involved unknown (or at least unfamiliar to me) bands that caught my attention. Even though I was busy co-interviewing bands, assisting with the GRCA and band merchandise tables, and running miscellaneous errands – two bands in particular made me stop and take some time to clap my hands and stomp my feet.

One such band was Chicago’s White Mystery. Compromised of a sister/brother duo – Miss Alex White (on guitar) and Francis White (on drums) were incredible. Miss Alex White gave us a great interview on why band merch is so important and why she coordinates merch workshops for Chicago’s Girls Rock Camp.

BO-PEEP played an amazing show! (image courtesy of nippop.com)

Another act that caught me by surprise was the all girl band BO-PEEP. Hailing from Japan and featuring Mika, Ryoko, and Kaori – BO-PEEP brought a frenetic energy to the day party and rocked out while wearing their own DIY homemade costumes.

Alyx and I coordinated interviews with most of the bands from the day party – including BO-PEEP – and Zoe from I’m The Fox and Schmillion captured the performances on her digital camera and the interviews on her DV. The GRCA blog will feature some of this material later on (and as soon as anything is up I’ll be sure to give a shout out here on this blog). Overall, the day party was amazing. Scanning the crowd at any given moment you could see GRCA supporters, friends, couples and families of all sorts (as in queer and not-so-queer), babies, and dogs enjoying great music and supporting a great cause. Thank you to everyone who came out, rocked out, coughed up some money, and/or donated their time!!

Note: Jessica Hopper – who read from her book The Girls Guide to Rocking – posted her thoughts on the first half of the SXSW GRCA day party, which you can read here.

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