a non-profit shout out: Girls Inc.

Hello All. I want to point out that I rearranged the links on the right side of this blog. In an effort to highlight girl supportive organizations and girl operated sites/blogs, I created two new categories for these links. It is my hope that this blog can serve as a resource for anyone interested in supporting and empowering girls, and I see this small change in the blog’s design and structure as facilitating that goal. If anyone feels that I made a mistake in categorizing their blog or site, please let me know. And of course, if you can recommend other sites or blogs that you think should be noted here – please leave a comment.

I want to end this week by focusing on yet another non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and providing a safe, supportive space where girls can excel.

Today’s post focuses on the non-profit organization Girls Incorporated, aka Girls Inc. I first heard of Girls Inc when this youtube video, titled Dear World PSA, circulated on twitter and facebook. Dating back to 1864, Girls Inc. has provided girl-centered educational programs and creative workshops for over a century, always with an emphasis on serving and supporting girls in underserved and impoverished communities. With workshops on media literacy, economic literacy, math/science, and preventing adolescent pregnancy, and with affiliates, centers, and after school programs throughout the country (stretching from Alaska to here in Austin), Girls Inc. is making strides towards achieving their goal of “inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.” To get a better sense of Girls Inc. and how the organization benefits girls, I recommend watching this video, which was created by girls associated with Girls Inc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico/

I also admire that Girls Inc. created a Girls’ Bill of Rights. These Rights serve as guiding principles for the workshops and how the girls and volunteers interact with one another.

Girls have the right to be themselves and to resist gender stereotypes.

Girls have the right to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm.

Girls have the right to take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success.

Girls have the right to accept and appreciate their bodies.

Girls have the right to have confidence in themselves and to be safe in the world.

Girls have the right to prepare for interesting work and economic independence.

I want to end this post by sharing some of the short Girls Inc. videos that caught my eye. Each of these videos is part of a larger project known as the “Tell Me” PSAs. You can find these videos and much more on Girls Inc.’s youtube channel, and you are able to stay up-to-date with Girls Inc. by following them on Twitter as well as Facebook.  As with most non-profit organizations, Girls Inc. could use a little financial support. So if you like what you see, and you have the means, please consider making a donation. Enjoy the following videos! *(note: youtube disabled embedding capabilities, so please click on the links)*

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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  1. Love the redesign. Also, thanks for this entry on Girls Inc.

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