setting down the book and picking up a camera

This book should be arriving in a little over a week! (image courtesy of

As a feminist girls media studies scholar I not only study cultural representations of girls, but I also put theory into practice by giving back to my community and donating my time to such non-profit organizations as Cinemakids and Girls Rock Camp Austin. In supporting girls’ artistic endeavors and girls’ use of media to showcase their voices and viewpoints, I’m often inspired by the girls I work with. They are a reminder that you’re never too young to explore your creative talents. Working with amazing girls, I often think to myself: if these girls can do it, why can’t I? This isn’t to say that I’m better, wiser, or more capable than the girls I work with – I’m not. It’s more a matter of getting over my excuses for not pursuing similar creative outlets at a younger age. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, lamenting the fact that my hometown didn’t have a girls rock camp or a filmmaking workshop and feeling that these opportunities have since passed me by, I’ve decided to take the plunge and go after what I’ve always wanted to do . . . make films.

Though I’ve studied film and television since my days as an undergrad (oh so long ago), I’ve yet to pursue any hands on experience with either medium. Therefore, as yet another way to put theory into practice, my goal is to develop filmmaking skills through DIY methods, how-to manuals and youtube videos, and trial and error. My first step towards this goal is purchasing Andrea Richards’ book, Girl Director: A How-To Guide for the First-Time, Flat-Broke Film and Video Maker (thank you Marti!!) Inspired by Alyx’s decision to take up guitar lessons and how elated she felt after reading Jessica Hopper’s The Girls’ Guide To Rocking, I figured this is the place to start. Not only can I review the book on this blog, but I can also comment on the effectiveness of the book’s advice. The next step will be reading the book and purchasing a camera.

I’ll be sure to blog about my trials and tribulations of becoming a budding filmmaker as well as share any useful resources I stumble upon. If any of you readers know of useful sites, books, video clips – whatever – please pass them on. Hopefully, this time next year if/when X-Factor Filmmakers reprises their Short Film Contest – I’ll have something to submit.

~ by actyourage09 on April 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “setting down the book and picking up a camera”

  1. Don’t wanna hop on your thing, but we can always make music videos. And I’ve always wanted to do some screenwriting, so maybe we can collaborate on something.

    More importantly, WOO HOO! Way to put theory into practice. I like a lady with a plan.

  2. […] my help putting together awesome clips. I’m also inspired by Kristen at Act Your Age’s resolve to pick up a camera and become a bad-ass filmmaker. Not to put her on the spot, but I have some […]

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