linked up: Virginity, Technology, and the Now Generation

Hello All. Today’s post is a recap of girl-related news or items that caught my attention.

Several people are talking about girls and virginity this week. My friend Tiff pointed out that VH1 News Presents will be airing a special titled “The New Virginity.” According to VH1’s site, the special “takes us back to classic virginal examples such as Brooke Shields, and Tori Spelling’s “Donna Martin” character on Beverly Hills 90210. Then it explores the roots of our current obsession with chastity–the stars who’ve made their virginity a major part of their public persona” – such as Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks. This makes me think about a new blog I discovered – and added to the blogroll here – titled The American Virgin. The blog acts as a forum and companion for the documentary-in-progress, “How to Lose Your Virginity.” The blog includes a wealth of links, articles, and information on the politics surrounding virginity, along with a trailer for the documentary.

Rick Taylor at Feminist Review wrote a review on Alison Piepmeier’s Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism. According to Taylor, Piepmeier “elegantly chronicles the emergence in the early 1990s of zines,” tracing the history of zines back to women’s scrapbooking in the 19th century and comparing the materiality of zines to current feminist writings in the blogosphere. This book is definitely going on my “to-read” list.

The blog for Girl Museum is celebrating National Women’s History Month by honoring a female everyday for the month of March. The blog highlights a diverse group of females including Lisa SimpsonHarriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, and Judy Blume.

In case you haven’t read it, The Daily Beast has an amazing article titled “Technologies that Empower Women.” I admit I was nervous when I read the title for this piece. I’m cautious when people state that some new social networking tool or gadget is going to empower disenfranchised communities, but this quote put me a little at ease: “This isn’t about a sudden flash of modernization or getting remote villages to tweet when they don’t even have enough to eat—it’s about advances that improve the daily lives of women on every continent, bit by bit” (emphasis added).

Finally I’m linking to the post “The Normative Problem with the Term Next Generation Leaders” by Rosetta Thurman. In this piece Thurman addresses her concerns with the term “next generation” arguing that the “moniker gives young people (and everyone else) the sense that we have to wait for some undetermined time before we can lead. We have to wait until someone hands us the baton. We have to sit on the sidelines until someone passes us the ball. And until then, we’ve got to sit quietly with the other kids and try to catch the crumbs of wisdom and power that fall from the big kid’s table. We’ve got to wait until we get ‘next.'” Instead of using the term “next generation” Thurman proposes we use “now generation,” and though she’s discussing 30-somethings in the non-profit sector, I would argue that the term “now generation” (and the reasons behind it) applies to girls.

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