local events: Austin happenings this Thursday night

Movie poster for Teeth (image courtesy of unsquare.com)

If you live in Austin and you’re looking for something to do let me offer up details on two events happening this Thursday (unfortunately on the same day around the same time so you’ll have to pick one).

First up Alyx at feministmusicgeek informed me that Mad MadameZ, a group associated with Monkey Wrench Books, is hosting a screening of the film Teeth along with a vegan-friendly potluck. Teeth is a blend of dark comedy and rape-revenge, in which Dawn, a teenage girl heavily involved in her church’s youth group and a firm believer in purity rings and saving oneself before marriage, comes to grips with the fact that she has an actual vagina dentata (or toothed vagina) after she is raped by another youth in the church.

Mad MadameZ bills Teeth as a “feminist horror movie” and I would argue rightly so. When the film was released in 2007 I had several feminist friends who were concerned that the film would represent female teenage sexuality as monstrous. While Teeth offers plenty of blood and severed penises, I would argue that the film addresses the ways girls must adapt (whether by changing their behavior or through a mutation that creates a vagina dentata) in order to survive in a patriarchal society. I’m not the biggest fan of horror films, or even rape-revenge films per se (though I’ve seen plenty of films in this subgenre), but personally I love this film! I even presented a paper at a Girls’ Studies Conference in New Haven that focused on abstinence only rhetoric in Teeth and the film Saved! (another favorite of mine). **** One important thing to note about the event – this event is open to female-identified people only due to the graphic nature and sexual violence in the film, and the fact that Mad MadameZ is coordinating a discussion of women in horror and rape-revenge films after the screening. For more information including the time and location check out the events page here. Also if you want more information on Teeth, below is a trailer for the film:

One of the many items donated by actor Robert DeNiro to the Harry Ransom Center. The HRC currently has an exhibit titled "Making Movies" which showcases their vast collection of materials related to the art of cinema (image courtesy of propcollector.com)

The other event happening this Thursday is at the Harry Ransom Center. The HRC opened their latest exhibit “Making Movies” which “explores the collaborative processes that take place behind the scenes in filmmaking.” The exhibit features artifacts from directors, actors, producers, editors, screenwriters, costume designers, and composers. Tomorrow night the HRC is hosting a performance of “Words and Music: Classical Music in Cinema” at the Jessen Auditorium. The event “explores the connection between music and movies, featuring live performances of music from West Side Story (1961) (**see the trailer below**), The Pianist (2002), Song of Love (1947) and other films.” For more information on this event check out the HRC’s upcoming events page here.

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