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An image of a young Maori Woman (image courtesy of the Girl Museum)

Bad news first? This isn’t really bad news so much as it makes me shake my head. Mia Freedman, who blogs at Mamamia, discusses recent photos of Noah Cyrus (yes Miley’s little sis), in which the 9-year-old girl and her best friend wore bathing suits on a red carpet for a 19-year-old’s pool party (I’ve decided not to post the pics on this blog – also thank you to Pigtail Pals for the link). There are many things wrong with this story and the images:
1. What 19-year-old has a pool party with a red carpet intro? Did someone forget that we’re in a recession?!
2. While I have no issue in general with girls wearing swimsuits for a pool party, or girls wanting to incorporate their swimsuits in their outfits in a moment of crazy original fashion inspiration – BUT the poses Noah and her friend strike on the “red carpet” are completely reminiscent of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie back in the Simple Life days (again not posting a pic). Noah’s friend Emily even carries around a little dog in her arm. Hmmmmm.

Moving on . . .

There is a new online museum dedicated to girls. Simply titled Girl Museum: Celebrating Girlhood Worldwide, the museum will be a “virtual space for research, exhibitions and education centered wholly on the subject of being a girl.” The museum is just getting started and they are looking for ideas and suggestions for future exhibits. In the meantime I recommend visiting their inaugural exhibit “Defining Our Terms.” This current exhibit – and explanation of the site – includes images and stories from girls all around the world, which I appreciate since it expands our ideas of girlhood and girls. The Girl Museum also has a blog, a boutique, and a separate blog called Girls Book Blog, in which girls read books and write reviews!!

According to this NYT article teen pregnancy rates are up. This increase is prompting the same old arguments as to what is to blame and how we can “fix” it. Many are trying to lay blame on the fact that abstinence-only education – rather than comprehensive sex education – was instated in schools throughout the country and received a boon in federal funding during the last administration. While I doubt one factor is the sole reason behind the increase in teen pregnancy, certainly not having accurate information about sex and teen pregnancy doesn’t help teens any.

Last Week NPR discussed Off and Running, a documentary film about Avery Klein-Cloud, an African-American girl who was adopted and lives with a Jewish lesbian couple in Brooklyn along with her two brothers Rafi and Zay-Zay (both adopted as well). The film follows Avery’s struggle to understand her identity after she tries to reconnect with her birth mother, and the ways in which the family unit starts to unravel as Avery pulls away from her mothers and yearns for a stronger connection to the African-American community in her city. Below is a trailer for the film:

MTV has a new show coming out on Monday nights called My Life as Liz. The show is set up as the video-diary of Liz Lee, a a high school senior in Burleson, Texas. MTV is marketing My Life as Liz as something a bit different than The Hills or Laguna Beach in that Liz was once popular and dyed her hair blond, but has since broken it off with her clique and gone her own way. Mike Hale of NYT argues that the show offers a commentary on girls and popularity: “It’s as if the geeky misfit viewer who hates all those blond women on ‘The Hills’ were suddenly part of the show, the sneer made visible.” It looks as though MTV will run the episodes online – which is great for those of us (myself included) who do not have cable. Here’s a sneak peak clip from the show, in which Liz and her friend burn old photos (I kinda like her friend’s line: “Burn it, learn it”):

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