back to the grind: Wednesday links

The logo for the 2010 World Cup (image courtesy of the Sunday Morning Herald)

Hello all. I’ve been out of commission these last few days due to a family emergency and didn’t make it back home until Monday evening. But I’m back now and ready to ease into my routine! Here are some links I’d like to share while I gather my thoughts on some upcoming posts.

1. Not only did I have a family emergency to take care this weekend, I also had a dentist appointment yesterday. While at the dentist’s office I read the latest issue of Time Magazine, and came across an article titled “South Africa’s New Slave Trade and the Campaign to Stop It” by E. Benjamin Skinner. The article focuses on sex trafficking – particularly the trafficking of girls – in South Africa. Skinner also sheds light on how international (sporting) events like the World Cup, which South Africa will host this year, provide pimps and traffickers with tons of business. According to the article on buyer who enslaves girls has already seen a jump in business with all the construction workers hired to prepare the country for the World Cup.

One of the t-shirt designs from Pigtail Pals

2. Here is a link to Pigtail Pals – a site devoted to “redefining girly” by offering empowering t-shirts for girls. Pigtail Pals is ran by Melissa Wardy, who developed the site as a stay at home mom with a 9-month-old daughter. According to Wardy, Pigtail Pals “tries to get away from the ubiquitous pink and purple princess-diva-drama queen trend” by offering t-shirts that show girls directing films, growing up to be firefighters, police officers, race car drivers, and pilots. In this respect Pigtail Pals strives ” to show girls that they may be bold, adventurous and heroic just like the boys!” While the designs look very white-girl oriented, with all the figures on the t-shirts reading very white, I will say that I love the idea of providing girls with role models to wear on their clothes. It definitely beats giving your daughter or niece another Hannah Montana t-shirt.

3. The American Library Association (ALA) announced the literary award winners for children’s books and young adult books, including winners of the Newberry and Caldecott Medals and the Coretta Scott King Awards. You can find the complete list of award recipients here. One book that caught my attention is Almost Astronauts, which was awarded the Robert F. Sibert Medal (for most distinguished informational book for children). The book focuses on 13 women who fought to win admission into NASA’s space program in the 1960s and the types of resistance they faced from the media, the US government, and NASA.

Rainbow Brite's makeover (image courtesy of

4. EEEK! I had to add one more link last minute. Apparently Rainbow Brite received a makeover and it isn’t pretty. Thank you to Hardy Girls Healthy Women for sharing the link.

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2 Responses to “back to the grind: Wednesday links”

  1. Hello –
    This is Melissa Wardy from Pigtail Pals. I would welcome the opportunity to be able to discuss with you further some of the interpretations you had about our designs. I would like to learn more about the perspective you are coming from. Please email me, I hope we can talk soon. Thank you for the positive points you did mention about our shirts.

  2. Hello Melissa,

    I would love to discuss the t-shirts with you. If you want you can leave your email here in the comments section or else please email me at Thank you so much for responding to my post and I look forward to hearing from you.

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