cover to cover: The Babysitter’s Club is Back

The book that launched the series (image courtesy of

Happy New Year Everyone! Last week was a bit slow with the holiday and all, but be prepared for a slew of new posts, including this one.

Last week the New York Times reported that Scholastic Inc. will reissue the first two volumes of The Baby-Sitters Club books with new packaging and minor revisions related to “references to technology and outdated fashions” (read no more references to cassette players or perms). The re-released volumes will include a brand new prequel written by Ann M. Martin, the original author behind the series.

For those unfamiliar with the series The Baby-Sitters Club books revolved around four friends – Claudia, Mary Anne, Kristy, and Stacey – and their adventures starting and maintaining their own babysitting business. The books also focused on female friendships and coming of age narratives. These series was immensely popular from 1982 to 2000 and resulted in 213 titles and several spin-offs. All in all Scholastic printed 176 million copies. Basically they were Twilight popular before Twilight.

Ann M. Martin: The woman behind the series (image courtesy of

Growing up I loved reading The Baby-Sitters Club books, and it wasn’t just because of the books or characters. In fact I can’t recall too many of the plotlines featured in the series. The only book I recall is when we learn that Stacey has diabetes and is afraid to tell her friends (it is titled The Truth About Stacey). For me the best part about The Baby-Sitters Club books was sharing them with friends at school. In the 3rd and 4th grade my friends and I never had the finances to keep up with the series and buy every single book. So instead we’d each buy a different book in the series and swap them back and forth creating our very own book club. It was this homosocial bonding – over books instead of boys or clothes/fashion – that I fondly recall when I think of The Baby-Sitters Club. And I hope this aspect continues with the repackaging of the series.

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2 Responses to “cover to cover: The Babysitter’s Club is Back”

  1. Awesome! I especially like your discussion of swapping books and the classed and homosocial dimensions of such interactions with friends.

    I wonder if this’ll start people reissuing more YAL series. I vote for Sweet Valley High and Anne of Green Gables. I also wonder if there’s been any interest in a Babysitter’s Club TV remake. If it comes to light, I’ll be sure to look for a smart analysis here. 🙂

    Oh! If interested, you can read SVH author Francine Pascal’s Bust interview here:

    Also, just in case folks didn’t know about it, there’s at least one blog devoted to Claudia’s wardrobe:

  2. […] Entertainment Weekly the Sweet Valley High series is getting a reboot. This will not be like the Babysitter’s Club series in which the original series is getting a modern makeover and will be repackaged for contemporary […]

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